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Wischnewskiy Ultrasonic Motors is a leader in ultrasonic piezoelectric motors technology and precise motion solutions.

Wischnewskiy Ultrasonic Motors has a constantly growing portfolio of designs, technical solutions and new technologies. Today, advances in scientific and medical research require high-performance and accurate motion and positioning systems. High positioning accuracy, compact size, low power consumption, speed, and absolute reliability characterize our drives based on ultrasonic piezoelectric motors for rotary and linear motion.

Unlike electric motors operating on electromagnetic interaction between the stator and the rotor, the piezoelectric ultrasonic motor operates on frictional interaction of the stator and the rotor; that is, at the expense of frictional forces, which frictional interaction takes place on a certain surface, which is referred to, hereinafter, as a surface of frictional interaction. When de-energized, such a rotor can be rotated by applying thereto a moment of force sufficient to overcome said frictional forces. To develop a torque, the stator or the rotor of a piezoelectric ultrasonic motor is provided with a piezoelectric oscillator which is an electromechanical resonator comprising a piezoelectrically active part that is a piezoelectric element. Frictional contact between the stator and the rotor acts as a mechanical rectifier converting elastic vibrations to unidirectional pulses of angular displacements of the rotor, which unidirectional pulses are smoothed out by the mass of the rotor to produce continuous angular motion.

Nowadays electrodynamic and other electromagnetic forces dominate the drive mechanisms in machinery designs. However, increasing accuracy requirements in the micrometer and nanometer range lead to very complicated systems when implemented with conventional electromagnetic motors. Therefore conventional electromagnetic motors with gearboxes can suffer from some drawbacks such as mechanical backlash which limits the positioning accuracy. Furthermore, gear mechanisms add additional weight, complexity, and cost to the system. Quite often in such systems, the physical limits are reached in terms of miniaturization, accuracy, dynamics, and interference immunity. One alternative method to the conventional electromagnetic motor is a piezoelectric ultrasonic motor. Piezoelectric ultrasonic motors have other great advantages compared to conventional electromagnetic motors.

Wischnewskiy Ultrasonic Motors (WUM) is offering piezoelectric ultrasonic motors that are fundamentally different from the conventional electromagnetic motors by their operating principle and structural design.

WUM can develop a piezoelectric ultrasonic motor suitable for your specific application.

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