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Ultrasonic piezoelectric mixer WUMo-MK-D57 / 16-2-2-001

The ultrasonic piezoelectric mixer WUMo-MK-D57 / 16-2-2-001 is driven by an ultrasonic piezoelectric motor operating on standing acoustic waves.

The mixer is designed for stirring various food products when cooking products at home or in small kitchens in cafes or restaurant kitchens.

The mixer can also be used in small chemical laboratories for mixing small volumes of chemicals.

The advantages of the mixer are low noise level, ease of use and safety.

Technical data:
Mixer rotation frequency - 100 ... 400 min-1
Maximum torque - 15 Ncm
Working frequency of motor excitation - 31.5 kHz
Motor excitation voltage - 50V
Motor current consumption -0.2 A

Motor body diameter - 77 mm
Motor body height - 42 mm
Mixer length - 210 mm
Handle length - 140 mm
The mixer is powered from a separate electronic unit, combined with a power plug, which is connected to the mixer with a supply cable.
The supply voltage can be 110V or 220V
Power consumption 15 W.

The picturs below shows a photograph of a mixer.

The video below shows the work of the mixer.

Wischnewskiy Ultrasonic Motors offers the development of design, technology and technical documentation for the new mixer in relation to the technological capabilities of the customer's company and according to the technical data.
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