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Ultrasonic piezoelectric pumps WUMo-PU-33 / 16-001, WUMo-PU-33 / 16-002.

Ultrasonic piezoelectric pumps WUMo-PU-33 / 16-001, WUMo-PU-33 / 16-002 are designed for precision pumping or pumping of a working medium, for example, gas or liquid.

These pumps can be used in medical technology, in the chemical industry or in other fields of technology. The driving device in the pumps is an ultrasonic piezoelectric motor, the operation of which is controlled by an electronic control device.

The WUMo-PU-33 / 16-001 pump is equipped with a speed regulator for pumping out or discharging the working medium, which can be set in the range from 1 to 20 cm3 / s at a pressure of 1 N / cm2.

The pump WUMo-PU-33 / 16-002 is equipped with a pressure sensor of the working medium that can be set in the range of 0.5 ... 1.2 N / cm2 and maintained with an accuracy of +/- 10% at a pumping or pumping speed of the working medium of 4 cm3 / sec.
The pumps are operated from a standard power supply network, alternating current, voltage 110 / 220V. Video 1 and video 2 show the operation of the pumps in their nominal operating mode.  

At the request of the customer, Wischnewskiy Ultrasonic Motors can develop ultrasonic piezoelectric pumps and technology for manufacturing pumps for specific special applications of the customer according to the technical requirements provided to us.
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